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Within this service you will start your journey with a free on-site survey. This will determine what you are looking for and what we can do for you - taking in to mind that Staircases are governed by building regulations. 

From a simple strait flight with MDF Treads or a Double Winding, hardwood masterpiece to stand as the heart of your home we can make it!

If you are then happy with our designs, the team over at the factory will begin manufacturing, Delivery and instillations.


Whether you are looking for an economy staircase with MDF treads and risers or a grand oak centerpiece staircase, we can provide it.


We have the facilities to manufacture any time of Window in any material for any size or shape. We also supply replica products for any house renovations. 


Any design would have to allow for government regulations. 


Doors and Door Frames

All of our products are manufactured to the highest specifications regarding insulation, glazing and fire regulations. 

Again, we can produce any type, style and fit. As well as being able to replicate existing Doors and frames. 

Full Kitchens

All of our Kitchens are designed down to every last detail to fit the customers requirements. We are able to provide any and all style and material requirements to allow our customers to get exactly what they are looking for. 

All of our products are hand-made in our factory to the highest standards.

Timber Cladding

Our hand-manufactured cladding is a beautiful way of adding style to your home, and is 100% natural, environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

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